upday is Europe’s leading news app, delivering personalized and timely news to a diverse audience with a blend of cutting-edge technology and journalistic expertise.


As Creative Director and Director of Innovation at upday, Europe’s leading news app, my role was key in shaping the company’s public image and driving innovation. I guided upday’s external image, ensuring it connected with a diverse European audience. Leading a high-performing graphics team, I focused on creating a visually engaging product that met user-centric design standards. Additionally, I co-managed the social media and video teams, overseeing the production of dynamic and relevant online content. I developed concepts and formats for Snapchat and managed 360° content production.

As part of the BizDev team, I contributed to developing concepts and pitches. I facilitated effective collaboration between developers, designers, and management, enhancing our product and content strategies. In this multifaceted role, I was dedicated to maintaining upday’s status as a top news provider, emphasizing accuracy, engagement, and innovation in our content delivery.

Creative Direction
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