Jaxon is an innovative 360° brand including a news app and the first gaming and esports tabloid website with a successful social media presence.


As Creative Director of the Jaxon team, a multiplatform esports brand, my role was crucial in bringing this virtual influencer and brand to life. I co-developed Jaxon’s unique identity in the esports world, coordinated the graphics team to create his distinctive visual style, and managed the video team to produce high-quality, engaging content. I also oversaw the social media team to ensure a dynamic online presence.

My responsibilities included monitoring the overall product to keep a cohesive and impactful presence. As one of the three key managers, I played a pivotal role in decision-making and strategic planning. These efforts helped Jaxon become a trendsetter in the digital influencer space, redefining audience interaction with esports content and setting a new benchmark for virtual influencers.

Creative Direction
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